Defining outcomes & measuring impact in suicide prevention

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Organisation Involved: Roses in the Ocean & Beacon Strategies
Workshop Facilitators: Bronwen Edwards, Mitch Stalker (Beacon Strategies) & Elliot Parkinson (Beacon Strategies)
Workshop Duration: 2 hours

Measuring outcomes instead of outputs is paramount to ensuring continuous quality improvement, but what is even more important is that the outcomes that are measured are those identified by the people who use and receive a service. In this workshop we will collectively explore and define what outcomes you want to see in suicide prevention over the next 3 years, what impact you expect those outcomes to make, and what role would you like to see Roses in the Ocean play to support these. This workshop is part of the much larger Roses in the Ocean Impact Framework project.

Date Published
March 14, 2022
LE SUMMIT 21 , workshop
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