ReachOut PeerChat

ReachOut, has launched ReachOut PeerChat – an evidence-based, one-to-one digital peer support service for young people across Australia.

ReachOut PeerChat allows young people to connect online with trained peer workers who offer perspective, learnings, and support through their own lived- and living-experience of mental ill-health and tough times.

PeerChat is led by a workforce of professional peer workers who have lived- and living-experience of mental health challenges. Each is trained to safely engage and connect with young people via the new service. PeerChat’s peer workers actively listen, let the young person guide the conversation and focus on individual strengths, hope and recovery.

As peer work continues to grow as a discipline, ReachOut has put together a video so that service users can learn more about peer work.

PeerChat is a free service, available to young people aged 18–25-years-old and each session runs for 45 minutes. PeerChat is currently available five days a week (1–9 pm Monday–Thursday, 10 am – 6 pm on Fridays). To access the service, young people can simply head to to make a booking.

To coincide with the launch of PeerChat, ReachOut has released a research summary that looks at evidence in the space of peer work and the growing possibilities for digital delivery of this support.

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Date Published
October 26, 2022
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