Roses Radio with Andy

In this Roses Radio podcast, Andy shares the stories and insights of his lived experience of suicide.

Andy Marriott has seen the subject of suicide from all perspectives. As a police officer for 16 years, Andy personally witnessed suicide and the impacts that it had on communities and families. It was guys like Andy that would knock on the family door. Andy speaks about the prevailing stigma in the police force around suicide and the mechanisms that were in place to cope with the trauma. Andy never foresaw a time when a young officer would knock on his door to tell Megan and he, of the tragic loss of their son Glen. He speaks candidly about that time and the drive he has to remove the word “committed” from the conversation around suicide. There is wisdom to be gleaned from listening to this passionate man.

Date Published
February 21, 2022
bereaved , carer , family and friends , men , roses radio , stigma , trauma
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