Defining my time boundaries
That was then
Betwixt and between lies the threshold to
This is now

That moment hurling my soul
into that unknown realm
which inhabits the Netherlands
and took me fearfully
into the place of in-between-ness

This in-between-ness
led to the crossroads
of space and time and
what was my inside
became one with my outside

Through another threshold
I entered my shadowlands
floating like flotsam and jetsam
between the tides of grief
and in-between out breaths

Crossing the river of my time
through yet another threshold
into the openness of acceptance
and being transformed
into a radical survivorship

What was then
of me and
What is now of me
are both fused and transformed
and are an intrinsic blueprint
of a survivor

Olwen Schubert 2003

Date Published
March 21, 2022
men , suicidal thoughts , suicide attempt
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