It is also a critical professional development component for people with a lived experience of suicide who are ready and keen to explore opportunities to be involved in suicide prevention activities, and assume lived experience representative and advisory roles. The workshop explores the power and impact of language, and reviews and discusses a wide variety of images and content that have previously been developed for the purpose of suicide prevention – much of it inappropriate, insensitive and in some cases, unsafe. Good examples are also explored. Through facilitated group discussion, an analysis of a variety of example pieces and sharing individual perspectives, workshop participants learn how to identify and create quality content and imagery that is impactful and safe.

On completion of this workshop, you can expect to be able to:

  • Communicate a deeper understanding of the impact language can have on others and how it can encourage or prevent people engaging with support and services.
  • Identify key components of images requiring careful consideration in suicide context.
  • Appreciate the wide range of lived experience perspectives, and how images and content can prove highly emotionally distressing and, in some cases harmful, to some people.
  • Understand why certain colours, patterns, images, can provoke intense reactions.
  • Contribute constructive feedback to the developers of content.

Who is the workshop for?

Critical Lens is a must do workshop for anyone involved in communications and marketing within suicide prevention; professionals presenting on the topic, and people with a lived experience of suicide in advisory and consulting roles.

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