All Roses in the Ocean capacity-building workshops are lived experience informed, designed and delivered by professional facilitators who also have a personal lived experience of suicide.

Walking together, people with lived experience of suicide and the people and organisation engaging them are navigating a new landscape. We are discovering fertile fields of potential but also mountains of expectations and challenges that require careful navigation.

This interactive and practical one-day workshop assists organisations to successfully engage and integrate lived experience of suicide into their work.

Key focus areas throughout the program include:

  • Duty of Care
  • Enhancing individual readiness to participate
  • Preparing for organisational readiness
  • Recruitment
  • Embracing diversity
  • Adapting to priority population needs
  • Facilitating consultations with lived experience people
  • Ongoing capacity building
  • Paid participation
  • Sustainability
  • Holding events and public discussions about suicide
  • Exiting or withdrawing from participation

Who is the program for?

Professionals, organisations, departments, clinicians and allied health workers responsible for engaging people with lived experience into their organisations.

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