The Suicide Prevention (SP) Peer Worker Program has been developed by Roses in the Ocean to respond to the unique professional needs of the emerging Suicide Prevention Peer Workforce. The program provides a supportive and stimulating environment for SP Peer Workers to explore how their lived experience, peer relationships and communication skills can be used to reduce the emotional pain and loss associated with a suicidal crisis and in the case of bereavement support, the pain of loss. SP Peer Workers are supported to explore and confront taboos about suicide and reflect on factors that have influenced their own perspective on suicide prevention. Participants build the skill and confidence to honour the values and principles of Peer Work when challenging situations arise in their suicide prevention practice.

The SP Peer Worker Program has been designed to build on, refine and extend the knowledge that Peer Workers gain through foundational courses such as Intentional Peer Support and the Certificate IV in Peer Work. Participants will explore how familiar Peer Work values, principles and approaches can be used meaningfully and effectively in suicide prevention.

The SP Peer Worker Program is a highly interactive opportunity for shared learning based on discussions and activities that are specifically contextualised for SP Peer Work with nuanced programs available for those supporting adults or youth experiencing suicidal crisis, people caring for someone experiencing suicidal crisis or people who have been bereaved as a result of suicide. The program is also available to those who volunteer in a Peer Support role.

*The program can be delivered either face to face or online.


A 3 day program: Day one and day two are delivered consecutively and include the same content for all Suicide Prevention Peer Support roles. Day three is delivered approximately one week later and is customised to the specific SP Peer Worker Roles of Crisis, Youth, Carer, Bereaved and Volunteer.

Who is the program for?

SP Peer Worker is for people with a lived experience of suicidal crisis and/or attempt, and those with experience as a carer of a loved one experiencing suicidal crisis and/or attempt, looking to work in non-clinical safe spaces and other suicide prevention services with blended staffing models. It is equally beneficial for experienced peer workers seeking contextualised training for supporting people in crisis, and for those new to the SP Peer Workforce.

Topics Covered: Curriculum Outline (3 day course)

  1. Introduction to SP Peer Work
  2. Values and principles that guide peer support for people experiencing a suicidal crisis
  3. Transformative relationships
  4. Having conversations about suicide
  5. Managing power and responsibility
  6. Sustainable SP Peer Work
  7. Continuing to grow

Outcomes for SP Peer Workers who complete the program

  • Confidence speaking about suicide.
  • The ability to recognise, respect and work with diverse experiences, perspectives and beliefs about suicide.
  • A deeper understanding of the value of personal lived experience of suicide and how to use this for suicide prevention.
  • Refined skills for responding to the unique needs of people who think about suicide or care for those who think about suicide.
  • Increased confidence in applying Peer Work values, principles and approaches in the challenging circumstances that can arise when someone is thinking about suicide, in a caring role or has lost a loved one to suicide..
  • Clarity around what is reasonable, appropriate, meaningful and transformative in a peer relationship for suicide prevention.
  • Ability to hold respectful conversations about difficult situations in a suicide prevention workplace.
  • Awareness of unique stressors in a suicide prevention service and the ability to work sustainably in SP Peer Work.
  • A sense of value, pride in the SP Peer Workforce and stronger connections to other SP Peer Workers.

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The Suicide Prevention Peer Worker Program has received Accreditation to the Suicide Prevention Australia Standards – Quality Innovation Performance Program.

This accreditation is designed to assure the safety, quality and efficacy of Australia’s suicide prevention programs and includes a formal independent assessment against the Suicide Prevention Australia Standards for Quality Improvement.