This week saw me navigating suicidal thoughts and feelings.

I’m someone who experiences suicidal thoughts and feelings from time to time.

I’ve learned when they show up in MY life it’s not that I want to end my life, instead it’s typically parts of my life NEED to die, typically around work and relationships.

It can be confusing, especially when parts of my life are working, but other parts are unhealthy and out of balance.

I dived deeper into my suicidal thoughts and feelings this time and saw the parts of my life that need to die and the connections to grieving and healing.

I’m honouring what is going on for me right now, allowing myself to feel, heal, grieve and let go of the parts of my life that need to die and in time embrace the next chapters of my life.

– Kit Scott

“Not being and not doing what I Love is a slow form of suicide” ~ Kit Scott

I also want to share this short blog post – Healing is grief in motion

Date Published
March 21, 2022
suicidal thoughts , women
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