Over the last two years, significant investment has been made to establish and expand on the Head to Health Centres and Satellite Network of community-based adult mental health services across the County. Head to Health and the Adult Mental Health Hubs are available to help all Australians access the mental health and well-being supports and services that are right for them. For more information on Head to Health Adult Mental Health Centres and Satellites please click here.

Head to Health Shellharbour will be delivered both face-to-face and via telehealth by Grand Pacific Health. Supporting this Head to Health will be a further 5 Mental Health Hubs across the region – Bega, Goulburn, Queanbeyan, Wollongong and Shoalhaven.

Anglicare NSW will be leading the delivery of the Shoalhaven Mental Health Hub, which is based in Nowra with an outreach offering to support. Limited services are available now, with full services due from January 2024.

The Shoalhaven Mental Health Hub wants to be a genuine part of the community, a safe space for people to visit – perhaps to seek information, support, connect or just sit. It is important that this space be what the community want and need, a place designed by the people who will use it.

Would you like to contribute?

Over the coming months we will be holding a number of consultation sessions seeking input from Shoalhaven community members, health and community service providers.

You can find these details and a link to register below.

We want you to know that your contribution is critical to the success of the Shoalhaven Mental Health Hub, and we are grateful to you for sharing your time and ideas. Anglicare NSW will be offering paid participation for community members. We know that this might look different for everyone. You will have the opportunity to select a payment method that best suits you i.e. cash or gift card and Roses in the Ocean will support the administration of this payment.