Collective Voices | Suicide Attempt Survivors with Rosiel

Representing the countless voices and experiences through stories and insights from suicide attempt survivors and their intersecting experiences.

“Unfortunately, often, because I was at such a young age, I think because of the way that children’s distress is understood, no one was really recognising that I had trauma and that my issues were quite severe, so I think you know I was being told things like – just wait until you’re older and have real problems and things like that. There wasn’t that age-sensitive understanding of any distress a child is experiencing is significant to them and needs to be met with compassion and concern because that is what’s happening in their world. They don’t have a reference point for getting older.”Rosiel discusses their experiences as a child with trauma and suicidality and the lack of compassion and understanding they received in this candid interview.

Date Published
March 11, 2024
children , lived experience video series , suicidality , suicide attempt , youth
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