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1 in 4 Australians, of all ages and backgrounds, experience problematic levels of loneliness. Everyone feels lonely at some point in their life, but when loneliness persists, it can have detrimental impacts on our wellbeing, health, productivity, and functioning in daily life. Loneliness is associated with a 26% greater risk of premature mortality, a 29% increase in the incidence of coronary heart disease, a 32% increase in the risk of stroke, cognitive decline, and suicidality.

People who have experienced loneliness have told us that it is often difficult to find avenues for connection, and health professionals don’t know how to help or where to direct them to for connection.

Together with people with lived experience and Infoxchange, Ending Loneliness Together have developed Australia’s first national online directory enabling people who experience loneliness and their support networks to easily find and connect with groups, organisations, and services providing opportunities for connection. The directory currently has over 1000 organisations listed across the country, and users can search based on their role, preferred type of connection and location.

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Date Published
March 28, 2023
hope , loneliness
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