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As part of the Suicide Prevention Trial in Gippsland, a suite of podcasts has been developed on a range of topics. The Six Suicide Prevention Podcasts comprise interviews with people with lived experience working in suicide prevention and experts in the field of prevention, lived experience peer support, gatekeeper training, suicide bereavement and support services. The development of these resources is a legacy to the significant contributions, passion and commitment of the Gippsland community to reducing deaths by suicide.

Suicide Prevention Podcasts

In this Gippsland PHN podcast, Community Suicide Prevention in Gippsland, Helen highlights the suite of resources available on Gippsland PHN’s Suicide Prevention Program webpages while Vicki tells us all about South Gippsland Shire’s Local Men, a unique suicide prevention project that uses accessible language.

Roses in the Ocean has called upon people with lived experience to help put together a communication guide on what’s helpful and what’s not when we talk about suicide. In this Gippsland PHN podcast, How to Talk About Suicide, Roses CEO, Bronwen Edwards, explains how her national not-for-profit organisation builds the capacity of people with lived experience of suicide to have a voice in suicide prevention.

In this Gippsland PHN podcast, Michelle and Tyson from Wellways talk about their experiences and how they help others contribute to suicide prevention across Gippsland.Michelle explains what signs to look for, how to listen without judgement and talk through solutions. Tyson talks about the importance of breaking down stigma and providing hope to people by telling his own story of recovery.

Suicide prevention training courses equip people to identify when someone is struggling and teaches them how to encourage help seeking. In this Gippsland PHN podcast, Is Suicide Training for Me?, Linda and Ben encourage us to learn these skills so we can build a community safety net that helps prevent suicide and reduce stigma around talking about mental health.

Louse and Shaun from Jesuit Social Services explain the impact of losing someone to suicide, its effect on people’s long-term mental health and how professional support after suicide programs and peer support groups can help reduce this impact. In Gippsland, there are two programs available: STANDBY – Support After Suicide (psychosocial support) led by Shaun and Support After Suicide (bereavement counselling and peer support groups) led by Louise.

Lifeline has a grand vision of an Australia free of suicide. In this Gippsland PHN podcast, Lifeline Gippsland CEO, Michelle Possingham, discusses this vision which is upheld by highly trained volunteers who are passionate about helping others and committed to making sure that no one faces their darkest moments alone.Michelle shares how we can all contribute to suicide prevention and the importance of listening and learning from people with lived experience.


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November 2, 2022
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