I am bereaved by suicide

At Roses in the Ocean, we acknowledge those of you bereaved through suicide … we acknowledge your immeasurable loss, the life that was lived, and the complex and often confusing emotions that accompany the ever-present ache.

May your loss define a legacy and a mission to discover healing and new purpose.

We know that people with a lived experience of suicide bring insight, wisdom and perspective that is critical to informing the best approaches to reducing emotional distress and pain and saving lives. We also know that people bereaved through suicide know what is and isn’t useful when it comes to supporting them to understand and adapt to their ‘new normal’.

Roses in the Ocean has worked with countless people who have lost loved ones through suicide and they have generously shared their stories and insights to assist us create the following resources for individuals who are bereaved by suicide.

If you are someone who has lost a loved one through suicide and are navigating your ‘new normal’, we hope hearing the stories of others who have found a way to honour their loved one, make some sense of what happened and found a way to live their lives, if helpful for you. We want you to know that you are not alone – there are people throughout our communities that care and want to walk alongside you. We care.

If you are trying to support someone you know who is bereaved through suicide we hope these resources can deepen your understanding of what they may be experiencing and how you can provide the support they might need. We hope through listening deeply you will gain confidence in your ability to reach in and walk alongside them.

Alongside online resources such as fact sheets and information guides, Roses in the Ocean brings the voice of lived experience to suicide prevention activities by way of inspiring and informative interviews and podcasts with people who have walked their own path through suicide bereavement. We will continue to listen, learn and provide a platform for your stories and insights to help others.

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