Historic Lived Experience Guiding Principles

Guiding principles on the inclusion of lived experience in suicide prevention

Suicide Prevention Australia developed the following guiding principles at a lived experience symposium in 2014. Bronwen Edwards, founder of Roses in the Ocean, was one of 35 lived experience participants at the symposium and played a part in shaping the guiding principles.

We draw on these principles to guide our activities:

  • People with a lived experience have a valuable, unique and legitimate role in suicide prevention
  • Lived experience helps change the culture surrounding suicide and to preserve and promote life through compassion and understanding
  • Inclusion and embracing diversity of individuals, communities and cultures enriches suicide prevention
  • Empower and support those with lived experience to share their insights and stories with a view to preventing suicide
  • Utilise our lived experience to educate, promote resilience, inspire others and instil hope
  • People with lived experience support, advocate for and contribute to research, evidence-based practice and evaluation
  • All suicide prevention programs, policies, strategies and services will at all levels include genuine meaningful participation from those with lived experience
  • Encourage and nurture collaboration and partnerships between organisations and stakeholders