Roses Radio with Jennifer

In this Roses Radio podcast, Jennifer shares the stories and insights of her lived experience of suicide.

Jennifer Jury first experienced feeling different at about 11 years of age, a feeling that continued into her teenage years, becoming more troubling as time went on. Depression and anxiety led to withdrawal and loneliness, further exacerbating the feelings and ultimately leading to suicidal ideation. She tried to talk to people, but talking to strangers was difficult, until she found a psychologist that really connected with her. Finally, a diagnosis at 21 opened her eyes up to what she was experiencing and gave her the tools and processes to start to manage her mental wellness. She talks about the importance of workplaces understanding mental health, the impact of a supportive partner, along with the power of a family that really loves unconditionally. Now…she is a star, less critical and more focused on loving herself.

Date Published
February 21, 2022
roses radio , suicidal thoughts , suicide attempt , women , workplace
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