It explores the opportunities and challenges that comes with driving system reform including working collaboratively with a diverse range of stakeholders , understanding power imbalances and navigating power dynamics, and harnessing the individual and collective strengths of the lived experience of suicide movement to create systems change.

It is also a valuable professional development opportunity for people who are ready and keen to explore opportunities to be involved in and influence suicide prevention activities within a complex system, as well as for more experienced advocates looking to build their Lived Experience leadership capability.

Through a mix of facilitated group discussion and individual reflection activities, participants will gain an increased understanding of what it could mean for them to become an effective individual advocate contributing to a collective effort to create large-scale social change.

On completion of this workshop, you can expect to be able to:

  • Understand the current Lived Experience landscape of suicide prevention reform in Australia
  • Identify where you are as an individual advocate in the big picture landscape
  • Understand existing challenges within the system that create barriers to change
  • Increase your understanding of power imbalances and how to navigate complex power dynamics in the context of collaborative systems change work
  • Find your individual place in the world of Lived Experience advocacy going forward

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for people with lived experience of suicide and is useful for, and accessible to, people who are new to advocacy and more experienced advocates wanting to further develop their skills.. It aims to increase workshop participants’ knowledge of the Lived Experience landscape of suicide prevention reform in Australia and help them find their place in the world of Lived Experience advocacy.

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