Collaborating to Create Change has been designed for lived experience of suicide advocates and representatives wanting to further develop the knowledge and skills required to effectively contribute to suicide prevention reform across the full spectrum of opportunities to create change.

It provides participants with an opportunity to (individually and collectively) explore, and reflect on, the unique challenges of working in collaboration with a diverse range of stakeholders, including navigating complex power dynamics and remaining connected to the core purpose of lived experience work: improving outcomes for people and communities affected by suicide.

On completion of this workshop, you can expect to be able to:

  • Recognise and value the collective strengths of diverse lived experience movements to create change
  • Understand the history of the lived experience of suicide movement in Australia and its role in large-scale reform
  • Hold a basic understanding of the contemporary policy & sector environment
  • Reflect on where you are in your advocacy journey
  • Hold a basic understanding of systemic barriers to change
  • Reflect on power in the context of lived experience advocacy within suicide prevention
  • Consider power imbalances through an intersectional lens
  • Identify and value your strengths as an advocate & future opportunities to create change

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for people with lived experience of suicide already involved in advocacy work across any aspect of suicide prevention reform, whether in a formal designated role or doing grassroots volunteer community work. It has been designed to also be of benefit to people who are new to the lived experience movement and are wanting to gain a basic understanding of what’s required to be an effective advocate.

The aim of the workshop is to increase your knowledge of the Lived Experience landscape of suicide prevention reform in Australia and the foundational concepts and principles of lived experience advocacy work, and to help you find your place in the world of Lived Experience advocacy.

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