All Roses in the Ocean capacity-building workshops are lived experience informed, designed and delivered by professional facilitators who also have a personal lived experience of suicide.

The program includes insight into suicide through the lens of those who have experienced it, introducing participants to a different way of thinking about suicide and how they can best include the voices of Lived Experience when planning and implementing Suicide Prevention services.

The workshop is interactive and guides participants through a process of considering how they can plan and create a process where lived experience insights are valued and embedded at every step of program/service design.

The workshop is also a foundational entry point for organisations embarking on the design of suicide prevention programs or services to ensure they include all of the voices to uncover and meet the needs of their community.

On completion of this program, you can expect to be able to:

  • Understand what a lived experience of suicide is
  • Explore the power of language in the context of suicide
  • Recognise Lived Experience of Suicide Engagement Principles
  • Appreciate the broad perspectives of lived experiences of suicide
  • Understand the guiding principles for partnering with people with lived experience of suicide when planning, designing and operating Suicide Prevention services.
  • How to recruit the relevant voices for co-design
  • The critical components of genuine co-design
  • Appreciating the expertise shared within the co-design process

Who is the program for?

This workshop is designed for organisations, workplaces and teams seeking to meet the requirement of National Suicide Prevention Accreditation Standard #3 – 3.1 3, regarding the inclusion of people with Lived Experience in the development and operation of Suicide Prevention services.

It is designed to introduce people to the integral role of people with a lived experience of suicide in the planning and implementation of suicide prevention services and programs.

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