Roses in the Ocean has developed its training for Understanding & Working with SP Peer Workers to meet the needs of organisations who are preparing to diversify their workforce by hiring Suicide Prevention Peer Workers with a lived experience of suicidal crisis and/or attempt and recovery. The training provides the skills and knowledge required for everyone in your organisation to work together and build an inclusive and supportive workplace for SP Peer Workers. The training demystifies SP Peer Work, provides new perspectives, builds confidence and cultivates enthusiasm for the contribution that SP Peer Workers will make to your service.


The training for Understanding & Working with SP Peer Workers meets the needs of everyone by being provided in two parts over a period of 4 hours.

Who is the workshop for?

Part 1 is designed for anyone who works in or with your organisation. This includes managers, team members, clinicians, administrative staff, people who make referrals to your service and anyone with a curiosity about SP Peer Work. Part 2 is specifically designed for managers of SP Peer Workers, including direct managers and others in the management hierarchy of your organisation.

Part 1: For whole organisations

Topics covered:

  • Why organisations might need to change when a SP Peer Workforce is introduced.
  • Myth-busting: the impact of sigma on SP Peer Workers and debunking common myths about SP Peer Workers.
  • How peer approaches differ from traditional approaches to suicide prevention.
  • Clarifying the boundaries of the SP Peer Worker role.
  • The benefits of an inclusive team and strategies for making everyone in the team feel valued and respected.
  • Opportunity to openly discuss any concerns about the SP Peer Workforce.

Outcomes for people who attend the training:

  • Increased confidence in the SP Peer Workforce.
  • Improved understanding of SP Peer Workers, their values, principles and approaches.
  • Appreciation of the benefits of using the expertise of lived experience in suicide prevention.
  • Understanding what is required in the workplace in order to make SP Peer Workers feel comfortable and maximise the benefits of peer approaches.
  • Increased confidence in own ability to work collaboratively with SP Peer Workers and contribute to an inclusive team.
  • Motivation to contribute to the building of an inclusive and collaborative team.

Part 2: For managers

Topics covered:

  • Providing supervision and debriefing for SP Peer Workers.
  • Professional development opportunities for SP Peer Workers.
  • Promoting positive mental health in SP Peer Workers. Reasonable adjustments for SP Peer Workers who require them.
  • Opportunity to openly discuss any concerns related to the management of SP Peer Workers.

Outcomes for managers who attend the training:

  • Awareness of challenges that may be experienced by SP Peer Workers and strategies for responding to them.
  • Ability to have respectful and appropriate conversations with SP Peer Workers about mental health and/or suicidality.
  • Awareness of personal limitations and ability to recognise when a SP Peer Worker’s support needs fall outside management role boundaries.
  • Increased confidence in meeting the management and professional needs of SP Peer Workers.

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Understanding and Working with Suicide Prevention Peer Workers has received Accreditation to the Suicide Prevention Australia Standards – Quality Innovation Performance Program.

This accreditation is designed to assure the safety, quality and efficacy of Australia’s suicide prevention programs and includes a formal independent assessment against the Suicide Prevention Australia Standards for Quality Improvement.