I want to use my lived experience to help others

There are so many ways you can utilise your lived experience in suicide prevention. We'd be honoured to support you find what's best for you.

Suicide touches people from all walks of life. Our lived experience of suicide is just one part of who we are. Roses in the Ocean engages the whole person and facilitates opportunities to harness your diverse skill sets and expertise.

Before getting involved in suicide prevention it’s really important to make an informed decision about your readiness to be involved. Take time to consider what this will mean for you and also for other people who are part of your lived experience story.

The next step is to consider how you would like to be involved. Are you interested in doing something in your local community, like hosting awareness events, speaking publicly os sharing your insights and wisdom through video or podcast?  Perhaps you would like to join a Lived Experience Advisory Group for a local Primary Health Network or a suicide prevention organisation or project? There are numerous opportunities for people with lived experience of suicide now that it is recognised widely that our voices must be front and centre in all aspects of suicide prevention – policy, data, research, peer work, strategic planning, training, co-design of services, reviewing of content etc.

In order to leverage your skills, capabilities, expertise and lived experience, we first must ensure that you are ready to be involved, are safe and supported, trained in appropriate messaging and language, and possess current and accurate knowledge of suicide and suicide prevention.

At Roses in the Ocean we recognise that individuals have unique capabilities and different abilities to get involved in suicide prevention work. Our suite of capacity building workshops and skill development opportunities is a great place to start. All Roses in the Ocean workshops and programs are designed by professional Facilitators who also have a personal lived experience of suicide.

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