Lived Experience Professional Development

Roses in the Ocean is very passionate about playing our part in developing the expertise of people with a lived experience of suicide.  Everyone comes with their unique lived experience.  Similarly, everyone brings their own special set of skills from their study, qualifications, work, or other life experiences.  Harnessing and combining these skills and experience of suicide is what is needed to continue to inform, influence and enhance all aspects of suicide prevention.

Being a lived experience of suicide representative with an open mind and desire to continually learn from others leads to incredible opportunities to elevate your voice and insights.  People with lived experience of suicide can and need to influence system reform, policy, and research, and lead the design of new services and innovative approaches to saving lives.

Our twelve month Lived Experience Professional Development Program aims to provide a range of opportunities for you to expand your knowledge of the suicide prevention sector, increase your skills, engage in interesting conversations and hopefully make connections with other people.

August 2020
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Considering the impacts of pathologising suicidal thoughts and attempts through a social justice lens.Presenters: Martina McGrath
(Roses in the Ocean Research and Evaluation, Inclusion Diversity & Equity), and

Carrie Lumby
Illawarra Shoalhaven Suicide Prevention Collaborative, SHELTER Group peer leader)

September 2020
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Working Together to Prevent Suicide:

Bringing Lived Experience and Health Professionals together for discussions, collaboration and innovation

Presenters: Dr Alex Hains and Bruce McMillan
October 2020
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Chat Amongst Yourselves: Men talking to men about suicidePresenters: James Gallacher, Bruce McMillan, Graeme Holdsworth and Glen Poole
Tuesday 20 October
Watch Webinar hereCritical Lens: People with a Lived Experience of suicide provide an important lens to view the impact of communications – language, content, and visual representation.

Presenters: James Gallacher and Celia Taylor
Wednesday 25 NovemberWatch Webinar Here
Active Community Conversation Circle: Join some of Australia’s most inspirational lived experience of suicide community leaders as they explore some of the biggest challenges they’ve faced, and provide insights and tips for those looking to become more active in suicide prevention. Presenters: Lidia Di Lembo, Laurencia Grant and Melissa Robinson

Hosted by: Bronwen Edwards, CEO, Roses in the Ocean

March 2021WebinarLived Experience from the LGBTIQA+ PerspectivePresented by Roses in the Ocean’s LGBTIQA+ Action Group
April 2021WebinarLived Experience Advocacy: What are the challenges and opportunities for political advocacy? Who should you speak to, and how should you approach them? How can we best campaign for change? Join Roses in the Ocean’s Board Director Pete Shmigel in this workshop-style webinar on effective political advocacy for lived experience. Presenter: Pete Shmigel, Board Director at Roses in the Ocean
May 2021WebinarSuicide Prevention (SP) Peer Workforce and SP Peer CARE Connect warm-linePresenters: Bronwen Edwards and Tina Kenny
June 2021WebinarBecoming a Lived Experience of Suicide Speaker TBA
July 2021WebinarBringing Your Lived Experience into ResearchTBA