Reflections of my lived experience

Roses in the Ocean encourages creativity in your contribution, which may take the form of a letter to yourself, a dear diary entry, a poem, a useful mantra, an inspirational quote, or your own creative artwork, doodle or original piece of music.

Since launching Reflections of My Lived Experience, Roses in the Ocean has received a diverse range of inspiring and moving submissions from individuals with a lived experience of suicide. Our hope is that these powerful stories and insights will inspire, comfort or move you, and that you will also share them with friends and colleagues who may gain solace and comfort from the stories told.

Your passions, insights and creativity have manifested in a suite of poetry, artworks, diary entries, letters and prose.

In light of the wonderful support the project has received, we have made Reflections of My Lived Experience an ongoing project that will allow individuals with a lived experience of suicide to share their stories and insights throughout the year.

So, if you or someone you know has a creative expression of their lived experience of suicide and would like to submit it for inclusion on the Reflections page, please follow the links below and share your story with us.


Please email your submission to [email protected] along with a completed Permission to Publish form.

It is widely accepted that the inappropriate use of language when describing suicide and discussion of method, can have a significant impact on people who have a lived experience of suicide, and other members of the community. It is often attributed to fuelling the stigma, prejudice and fear that we still experience surrounding suicide. This in turn can prevent people from seeking help, and indeed reaching out to help others too. For this reason, we must ensure that when talking about suicide we do not describe ‘how’ someone took their life, nor do we discuss specific details about a suicide attempt.

For a quick summary of safe language please read our Guide to Safe Language.

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A personal story

“Never kill yourself when you’re depressed” a philosopher of suicide…

Mar 11 2024, 2.13pm
suicidal thoughts , suicidality , suicide attempt
Like a bird

“Small and frail – a bird it is Sitting…

Mar 20 2023, 3.12pm
Time to go

The Sun is setting, It’s time to go .

Oct 17 2022, 3.26am
bereaved , suicidal thoughts , suicide attempt
The pieces of me

Broke and brokenhearted, life a shattered mess I looked around…

Mar 21 2022, 6.38am
suicidal thoughts , suicide attempt , women
To my brother

I’m no expert; I can only share my experience. Four…

Mar 21 2022, 6.35am
bereaved , women
My journey of suicidal crisis

… was over a twenty-five-year period. The main theme was…

Mar 21 2022, 6.29am
LGBTIQA+ , men , suicidal thoughts , suicidality
A letter to myself

Dear N. Before we get into this proper lets tackle…

Mar 21 2022, 6.23am
bereaved , trauma
Saturday following closure

What a journey it has been over the last 10…

Mar 21 2022, 6.13am
bereaved , stigma , suicidal thoughts
Black dog

BLACK DOG, brain fog, chest tightening, feels frightening But it’s…

Mar 21 2022, 6.09am
suicidal thoughts , women
Emotional needs

In the time since my brother took his own life…

Mar 21 2022, 6.06am
bereaved , men