Roses in the Ocean Publication

Roses in the Ocean understands the valuable insight that comes from people with a lived experience of suicide.

How has it changed you?

What insights and learnings can you share?

What advice would you give?

We are seeking submissions that offer a glimpse into the pages of your story, to create a digital and/or print publications that offers a message of strength, tenacity and hope.

Submissions Open


To be launched at Roses in the Ocean Lived Experience Summit in Melbourne in 2020, Reflections will feature an inspiring collection of personal accounts from people with a lived experience of suicide.

The publication aims to increase awareness of lived experience of suicide in the community and to share the collective knowledge that these inspiring individuals have accumulated. We want to encourage and empower people with a lived experience of suicide to share their personal learnings, valuable insights and strong messages of hope in order to provide positive inspiration to the readers.

This is an opportunity to reflect on and share what your lived experience has taught you, how it has changed you, what learnings you can share, and what advice you can offer.

Roses in the Ocean encourages creativity in your contribution, which may take the form of a letter to yourself, a dear diary entry, a poem, a useful mantra, an inspirational quote, or your own creative artwork, doodle or original piece of music.

In response to the number and style of submissions received, we will produce a digital or print publication (or both) that best captures and presents the body of works submitted. 

We encourage you to consider the National Communications Charter in order to ensure that the content and language is safe for readers. This valuable guide provides a unified, national approach to discussing suicide and suicide prevention, including how to avoid stigmatising language and content that may trigger further distress, such as method or location.

Submissions must be received by January 31, 2020. You will need to read the relevant Terms and Conditions and complete the Permission to Publish form. Then email your submission to by the due date.